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It’s not about the customer…

Customer service is a sometimes long-forgotten asset. To create unforgettable customer service, you need to begin with unforgettable employee experiences.
by John Hersey


Tips for Hiring Customer Service Champions

Customer service representatives are the underappreciated front lines of any business. They will make the difference between keeping customers and having to go out and find new ones.
by Brendan Cruickshank


Apostles and Terrorists – Understanding Customer Loyalty

We love this model – created by Harvard Business School professor James Heskett and developed by the likes of Jones, Sasser, Xerox and Intuit.
by Peter Stansbury



Ten Tips For Impeccable Customer Service

If you want to be able to stand out from the crowd and offer truly great customer service instead of just empty promises, here are ten great tips that will help.
by Bill Hogg


Study finds word-of-mouth’s impact on loyalty

In an unfavourable economic climate, companies must focus more than ever on superior customer experiences.
by published by Pete Clark



The Most Important Customer Service Question

If marketing is the fuel for your business then customer service is the octane…
by TeleFaction A/S


You Are The Leader - Customer Excellence Begins With You

Your organization is like an engine - and you are the switch that can ignite excellence..
by Donn Kirst



Leverage the Six Stages of Customer Loyalty: Attract Suspects and Convert Prospects

Customers become loyal to your company and its products and services one transaction at a time.
by Jill Griffin


Word of Mouth Versus Traditional Marketing. Friend or Foe?

Social marketing is fast becoming a steady fixture for the majority of marketers.
by Graham Hill


Turning Customers Into Good Corporate Citizens

For many businesses, customers are only useful because they buy. You can’t knock that, but there is so much more that customers could do.
by Francis Buttle



The Customer Complaint Iceberg

This research shows that for every 26 unhappy customers, only one will lodge a formal complaint with Management.
by Paul Quinn