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CEM Journey : Struggling with the old demons of marketing & strategy

More than ever it is becoming a challenge to help people’s mindsets evolve and embrace the new vision of the customer that is embedded within CEM and EFM. As I move in educating & working along with customers, student...
by Frederic Gilbert


Analyst Research Highlights Need To Provide A Unified Customer Experience

We look at the findings from the recent research commissioned from IDC looking at how retailers can improve their sales and customer retention 
by Ariel Lüdi

art of keeping

Measuring the customer experience

We take a look with Fredrik Abildtrup, the CEO of TeleFaction on how to measure the customer experience..
by James Digby


challenging cms

Why You Should Love Challenging Customers

Author and speaker Jeff Korhan discusses why you should find those customers you would usually say no to.
by Jeff Korhan


Five Incentives for Customer Experience Focus

Fredrik Abildtrup, CEO of TeleFaction guides you through techniques that can be implemented by looking at customer experience in a whole new light.
by Fredrik Abildtrup



Prerequisites for cross and up-sales

In many companies contact center employees are very often its customer’s primary touch point, and thus the most important vehicle in serving the customers.
by Fredrik Abildtrup


Four keys to building loyalty in the hospitality industry

With customers focusing on location and cost in their hotel choice stays, and since a hotel property’s location is fixed, building guest loyalty is crucial - but how can it be achieved?
by Joe Sullivan



Give your customer a wink

Once upon a time, business owners used to know their customers by name.    
by Daniela Guido


Forget the crisis! Be S.M.A.R.T. !

It is said that you need to be more conservative in the times of a crisis. This means that you need to assess your business strategies, and adapt to the current situation.
by Fredrik Abildtrup


Tough times mean the customer is king once again

Now, more than ever, British SMEs are devoting time, money and effort to improving their customer relationships.
by published by Pete Clark



In Difficult Times, Keep Your Customers Happy

Ironically, the cost of keeping a client is less costly than trying to find a new one…
by Drew Stevens


The Most Important Customer Service Question

If marketing is the fuel for your business then customer service is the octane…
by TeleFaction A/S



Building Loyalty - 5 Steps to Succeeding in Difficult Times

Consistently deliver a truly awesome customer experience each and every day..
by Blaine Millet


Customer satisfaction versus customer loyalty

Companies have much enthusiasm for customer satisfaction. Many see it as a way of making customers happy, and others look at measuring loyalty.
by published by Pete Clark



Am I a bad customer?

Pardon me. But I have a question for you. Can you help me understand why my bank and my insurance company do not want anymore of my money?
by Michael Leander


Loyal behavior reflects on ROI

Persistence with loyalty development undoubtedly led to a surplus on the bottom line, and simply proves the invaluable link between…
by Peter Winther