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Analyst Research Highlights Need To Provide A Unified Customer Experience

We look at the findings from the recent research commissioned from IDC looking at how retailers can improve their sales and customer retention 
by Ariel Lüdi

customers right

It’s not about the customer…

Customer service is a sometimes long-forgotten asset. To create unforgettable customer service, you need to begin with unforgettable employee experiences.
by John Hersey


Five Incentives for Customer Experience Focus

Fredrik Abildtrup, CEO of TeleFaction guides you through techniques that can be implemented by looking at customer experience in a whole new light.
by Fredrik Abildtrup



7 Ways to Keep Your Existing Customers

Author and Speaker Mark Holmes ask us if customer loyalty is increasing, and looks at how you can keep existing business, or create new sales opportunities.
by Mark Holmes


5 Steps to Keeping Your Customers

Financial turmoil, economic crisis, credit crunch – haven’t we heard enough? The CEO of TeleFaction looks at ways you can find ways of keeping your customers.
by Fredrik Abildtrup



Customer Metrics Every Organization Should Track and Measure

The value of establishing and tracking customer loyalty and engagement is that they provide some effective leading indicators into how your customers are going to behave.
by Laura Patterson


Forget the crisis! Be S.M.A.R.T. !

It is said that you need to be more conservative in the times of a crisis. This means that you need to assess your business strategies, and adapt to the current situation.
by Fredrik Abildtrup



Customer Focus in a Slow Economy

In these tough and challenging times, getting the customer experience right is critical…
by Ray Miller


23 Facts you can’t ignore about customers’ loyalty and satisfaction

These 23 facts that are probably the most important things to know about customer loyalty and customer satisfaction!
by TeleFaction A/S


More facts you cannot ignore - part 3

You probably already do know this, or at least some of this. But then again, I have learned through experience that repetition helps.
by TeleFaction A/S



The concept of LTV

In spite of the obvious short and long term benefits, the concept of CLV  - Customer Lifetime Value - is hardly ever used outside certain industries with high acquisition costs.
by Bent Svanholmer


Loyal behavior reflects on ROI

Persistence with loyalty development undoubtedly led to a surplus on the bottom line, and simply proves the invaluable link between…
by Peter Winther