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amazon magic

Fathoming Amazon: 9 Things to Know (Infographic)

The guys over at Frugaldad have been thinking about Amazon recently, and with good reason. The story of its growth in the last 17 years can only be compared to the thunderous rise of Walmart.  And in some ways, the curve is st...
by TeleFaction A/S

customers right

It’s not about the customer…

Customer service is a sometimes long-forgotten asset. To create unforgettable customer service, you need to begin with unforgettable employee experiences.
by John Hersey


How to Completely Restore Customer Confidence After Things Go Wrong

Author Myra Golden looks at a case study of how you can still win back customers after things go wrong - by using the power of customer service.
by Myra Golden



Navigating the Changing Winds - 6 Master Strategies to Building Customer Loyalty

Spending time getting to know your customers will help you reap long term benefits in profitability..
by Kellie D'Andrea


Customer Service is Key in Today’s Economic Climate

Do you know how much your customers are helping you survive the downturn?
by Bob Selden



Is Customer Service only a Cost-Factor?

Often, employees only focus on making a sale, thereby forgetting to ask the question why the customer buys the product.
by Fredrik Abildtrup


Are Customers As Loyal As Puppies?

Then Why Do They Often Follow the Salesperson Out the Door?
by Chris Stiehl



Growing your Business one Customer at a time

Rule #1: Think of customers as individuals.  Once we think that way, we realize our business is our customer, not our product or services.
by Liz Tahir