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It’s not about the customer…

Customer service is a sometimes long-forgotten asset. To create unforgettable customer service, you need to begin with unforgettable employee experiences.
by John Hersey


Gambling on Loyalty and Winning

Author Eric McNulty takes a look into the gambling industry to see how they leveraged the use of loyalty to turn a second tier company into a world class brand within the industry.
by Eric McNulty


Seven Secrets of Driving Customer Loyalty

In these rough and recessionary times it’s important to escape commodity pricing wars as well as find ways to strengthen the marketing backbone of your company.
by Micah Solomon



Navigating the Changing Winds - 6 Master Strategies to Building Customer Loyalty

Spending time getting to know your customers will help you reap long term benefits in profitability..
by Kellie D'Andrea


Your company’s bottom line is tied to customer satisfaction

You can measure your company’s value by your customer service!
by Leanne Hoagland-Smith



The 6 key factors that influence customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is widely accepted as being worth nurturing, but what are the main business factors that directly influence the loyalty of your customers?
by published by Pete Clark


Trends in customer contact centres

Bright produce the leading benchmarking survey for customer contact centres in the Nordic countries.
by Mats Rennstam