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where measurement begins
Customer Experience

Where Measurement Begins

Posted  December 15th, 2011  by  David Slavick

Proof that you are changing customer behavior has to start somewhere. How do you measure a relationship? It sounds awfully complicated to quantify. But you don’t have to measure everything at once. If you choose your measuring sticks thoughtfully, you’ll have results that not only keep the gears greased in the short term but propel […]

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amazon magic
Customer Experience

Fathoming Amazon: 9 Things to Know (Infographic)

Posted  November 21st, 2011  by  TeleFaction A/S

The guys over at Frugaldad have been thinking about Amazon recently, and with good reason. The story of its growth in the last 17 years can only be compared to the thunderous rise of Walmart.  And in some ways, the curve is steeper: the million-title-bookseller turned world’s-largest-retailer hit the $50 billion sales mark in half […]

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stevejobs_article image
Customer Experience

What Steve Jobs Taught Us About Loyalty

Posted  October 17th, 2011  by  Jim Sullivan

I think a few words on the impact Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, had on the concept of customer loyalty – and life – are in order. Consider this a tribute to him and his memory as it relates to all of us in the loyalty business. If you consider how Jobs thought, you might […]

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A look into conferences: How do they impact your ROI?

Posted  August 15th, 2011  by  Andreas Wessel Knaack

One of the consequences of the financial crisis is an increased focus on how the companies spend their resources on training and conferences. This has created a renewed debate on the real value of attending conferences.. The investment is often quite substantial since you have to add transportation and accommodation to the often quite high […]

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using csat

Putting C-Sat Data into Action

Posted  June 8th, 2011  by  Greg Levin

Author and speaker Greg Levin puts it this way - “Finding fresh water in the middle of the desert doesn’t help you – unless you drink it”. It’s the same thing with obtaining timely customer data and direct feedback via a C-sat surveying process: It won’t help your business – or your customers – unless […]

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50 facts
Customer Experience

50 Facts about Customer Experience

Posted  October 26th, 2010  by  James Digby

Following from the success of our past article “23 facts about customer loyalty and customer satisfaction” we have compiled a list of 50 facts that you should know about customer experience to help you follow the trends and stay ahead of the competition in 2011. Facts about customer experiences and referrals 96% of unhappy customers don’t […]

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Customer Metrics Every Organization Should Track and Measure

The value of establishing and tracking customer loyalty and engagement is that they provide some effective leading indicators into how your customers are going to behave. A survey by SAS and Peppers & Rogers Group polled 15...
by Laura Patterson


Facts you cannot ignore as a customer service or marketing manager

If you attend a marketing, management or customer service conference, you are bound to hear a whole bunch of quotes and “buzz-sentences”… For your benefit, TeleFaction brings you selected facts that are import...
by Michael Leander


Five Tips for Marketing in a Recession

Are we in a recession? Maybe, maybe not. However, let’s assume that at least the U.S. economy will be in a recession and that as marketers, we need to work within that reality. Here are some tips for what you should do. Spend...
by Glenn Gow



Why we should maybe “Hurry Up and Wait” more…

Is it right that a company should profit more at the expense of wasting customer’s time? Recently, I walked over to my bank for what I hoped would be a quick transaction, and felt I was in luck as one of the five tellers ...
by Liz Tahir


Management Imperative #1: Invest In Culture As A Corporate Asset

Why do companies create capital expenditure approval processes and develop strict cash management procedures? To manage their corporate assets. But executives often spend little time, if any, focusing on another critical asset...
by Bruce Temkin



CLM CASE STUDY: Agillic and Telenor SONOFON

Customer Lifecycle Management is a new approach to business that is taking the telecoms world by storm … How CLM can Optimise Revenue in Today’s Telecoms Market Customer Lifecycle Management is a new approach to busines...
by Georgia Hanias


Close the Gap between Customer Promise and Customer Experience in 4 Steps

Mass-communication creates expectations, but when the customer does decide to contact you, how will you know if these expectations are met? A lot of companies do not know their customer’s experience in their various touch...
by Fredrik Abildtrup



4 Ways You Can Handle Customer Service Better

Problem solving for Customer Service Professionals is really based on the attitude that you WANT to help the Customer. Without this attitude, it becomes impossible to help in any way and in most cases ends up making the Custome...
by Leonard Buchholz


Good relations between your CRM and CEM

As promised in the previous edition - Michael Leander Nielsen and TeleFaction provides you insights on how CRM and Customer Experience Management work effectively together. Fact: CRM - Customer Relationship Manageme...
by Michael Leander


War in the Boardroom

As marketing professionals, we spend way too much of our time trying to sell our ideas to top management. Meetings often turn into boardroom battles between management and marketing.On many occasions we have lost these battles....
by Laura Ries



Dispelling Customer Loyalty Myths

If one were to read the thousands of books written about creating customer loyalty, that would be an insurmountable task. Each week the business best seller lists include books telling us that we must “exceed customer exp...
by Cindy Solomon

customers right

It’s not about the customer…

Customer service is a sometimes long-forgotten asset. To create unforgettable customer service, you need to begin with unforgettable employee experiences. In this video, John explains more  
by John Hersey



Seven Secrets of Driving Customer Loyalty

In these rough and recessionary times it’s important to escape commodity pricing wars as well as find ways to strengthen the marketing backbone of your company. The most reliable and affordable way to achieve both these goals...
by Micah Solomon


Flying high with Aimia: Interview with VP of Knowledge Development

We catch up with Rick Ferguson, VP of Knowledge Development at Aimia (formally Groupe Aeroplan) to discuss the pros and cons of utilizing coalition loyalty programs over traditional loyalty cards, and the importance of the prog...
by TeleFaction A/S



Is Your CRM System Doomed To Fail?

Make your CRM implementation a success by first defining the rules of use.. “Right, People. Let’s blast out that mail campaign we’ve been planning for so long.” It’s time to put your trusty CRM software to work; to le...
by Perry Norgarb


Are You Listening?

Listening is Important - this article looks into why we should follow the 2:1 ratio - 2 ears and 1 mouth.. If someone has ever asked you the question “Are you listening to me?” Chances are that they are seeing s...
by Bob Lucas


Tough times mean the customer is king once again

Now, more than ever, British SMEs are devoting time, money and effort to improving their customer relationships. Though, it is still evident that specific attention is needed in many areas to ensure that their investments are n...
by published by Pete Clark