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Going Beyond Behavioral Loyalty

Loyalty is the result of repeated customer satisfaction and normally the indicator for a win-win situation between the company and the customer. But not so fast! Loyalty does not always have the same wellspring as there are different types of loyalty-qualities. Read this »

Customer Expectations vs. Customer Needs

The first rule of stellar service delivery is: Service is all about expectations..

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Five Strategies For Guaranteeing Customer Loyalty

Customer retention has always been one of the most cost effective ways to increase business revenue. Read this »

Your company’s bottom line is tied to customer satisfaction

You can measure your company’s value by your customer service!

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Defining Your Customer Service Culture

Organizations go to great lengths to differentiate themselves from one another, usually at much expense.

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Pitfalls in customer surveys

Can we really trust what companies say to us? We look at the ways to avoid meaningless % facts - and let you really make a difference.

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You Are The Leader - Customer Excellence Begins With You

Your organization is like an engine - and you are the switch that can ignite excellence.. Read this »

Building Loyalty - 5 Steps to Succeeding in Difficult Times

Consistently deliver a truly awesome customer experience each and every day.. Read this »

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