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How to turn your call center into a value center

In a lot of discussions I have with clients and potential customers one question always comes up - why are the call centers merely regarded as cost centers?

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Am I a bad customer?

Pardon me. But I have a question for you. Can you help me understand why my bank and my insurance company do not want anymore of my money?

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Homeshoring - The new outsourcing

Homeshoring is one of the most interesting sourcing models that is currently on the rise

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The secret of successful brands

A recent report by Goldman Sachs analyzed the impending domination of China and India as economic and technological powerhouses.

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More facts you cannot ignore - part 3

You probably already do know this, or at least some of this. But then again, I have learned through experience that repetition helps.

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Inspiring megatrends for 2030

The character of business in year 2030 is shaping up now, as three trends assume more compelling roles in business today.

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The concept of LTV

In spite of the obvious short and long term benefits, the concept of CLV  - Customer Lifetime Value - is hardly ever used outside certain industries with high acquisition costs.

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