Looking for a way to make your prices irrelevant? This book opened my eyes to why companies like Disney don’t have to cut their prices because of the economy.

Don’t bother doing the research on how to improve your customer service, DiJulius has already done it all and included all the key points in his latest book. Even how to hire the right service minded people-priceless insight! ‘What’s the Secret’ gives you everything you need to know to create, improve, and maintain great customer service. This book should be a mandatory read for anyone dealing with internal and external customers.

His writing style makes it an easy read that you can’t put down! DiJuius is real and genuine; he uses experience as a speaker and consultant from his work with top service companies (Ritz Carlton, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Lexus and more) to provide the reader with actual conditions and systems. Whether business to business or business to consumer, any company -of any size- can indulge their customer with world-class service by following his easy to understand 10-commandment structure. And as an added plus — DiJulius gives you the web address to take his service aptitude test online “FREE” to see how you rank. Brilliant follow up to his first book, Secret Service-which I highly recommend you purchase with this one if you haven’t read it already.