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February 2nd, 2011

10 Customer Experience Management Resolutions for 2011

10 resolutions

10 steps to creating a successful customer feedback program that you can start doing straight away to produce results!

1. Plan the project and get top-level management support 

Establish a vision of customer experience for the future that is aligned with your business strategy and values. Get top-level managers support and have them voice their commitment to and the importance of customer experience.

2. Involve key stakeholders across your organization 

Identify key stakeholders and ambassadors of excellent customer experience. Involve them in the planning and implementation processes to make them a part of the project. Involvement ensures cooperation which is required for success.

3. Define follow-up processes 

Decide how you want to follow up the customer feedback. How will you handle dissatisfied customers? How will you pursue opportunities? Who is responsible for what in the follow-up processes? How will you register follow-up learning?

4. Establish measurable goals 

Outline the customer experiences that you are to collect feedback on to measure what customers think about your performance. Identify key aspects that are measurable and form a list of questions. Keep your surveys as short as possible.

5. Have a kick-off meeting 

Before launch, make sure that all affected by  the project get informed about the objective and what role they play. A thorough presentation of the goals and steps on how to reach them will create enthusiasm around the project.

6. Perform a baseline report 

Shortly after launch conduct a preliminary analysis of the data captured. Focus both on data quality and look for trends early in your survey results. You might see unexpected patterns and have the opportunity to take them into account.

7. Evaluate the follow-up process 

Is the follow-up process working as intended? Evaluate if customers at risk of defecting are being recovered or business opportunities are being pursued. Is information on individual customer issues being gathered for future prevention?

8. Recurring reporting and results tracking 

Knowing your data set up recurring reports to track progress and goal achievements periodically. Communicate results to employees to share success on improvements and to keep finding ways to fix persisting problems.

9. Listen to the customers 

Establish a process for categorizing customer comments to reveal trends within those comments. Listening to customer comments is your chance to learn what is causing customer dissatisfaction or what opportunities you are not .

10. Perform detailed analysis 

Use data gathered over time to perform detailed analysis and analyze relevant correlations. Investigate what drives your customer loyalty or analyze your business performance to focus your change efforts and training of employees.

About the Author

TeleFaction A/S

TeleFaction is an international privately owned, Danish company founded in 2002. We deliver Return on Behavior®, a patented concept that helps large organizations drive growth and increase profitability through improved customer loyalty. Our clients believe that the process of becoming customer-centered starts from acknowledging that their performance for service can always get better.

Our team of experts within Customer Experience Management produce surveys, gather and analyze data on your customers’ level of satisfaction at all contact points. These measurements are used to understand the clients´ needs in order for you to create positive customer service that guarantees retention. As a result, you also increase employee engagement, sales efficiency and improve your product and services.

This is because, at TeleFaction, we know that the bottom line of any effective customer service strategy is the maintenance of a constant corporate message that managers, employees, and customers understand and trust.


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