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September 26th, 2009

The state of Customer Experience 2007

According to a recent report, outstanding customer service is more important than low prices and quality products.

In this article we take a brief look into the state of the customer experience anno 2007.

Harris Interactive recently published the Customer Experience Report sponsored by Right Now Technology. While the research results are based on consumer interviews conducted in the US, we feel confident that the reports findings are relevant to marketing and customer service professionals based elsewhere.

Negative experiences with a bigger impact
This year 80% of consumers will never go back to a company after a negative experience. And – what’s more – 74% of consumers will register a complaint or tell others of a bad experience – a significant increase from 67% in last years survey.

The upside: outstanding service as a differentiation
Service continues to be a huge differentiation. 51% of consumers cited outstanding service as the top reason they continue to do business with a company.  Another 60% said it was the top reason they would recommend a company.

Arming call center/customer service centers
Happy, loyal customers – it seems – are created one exceptional experience at a time. Keeping these customers also requires outstanding performance in several areas – according to Harris Interactive – including;-Call center.

Arming call center agents is more important than ever since 60% of consumers said they prefer to speak to a human being. Amazingly, 38% claim that they have not had a phone-based customer experience that exceeded their expectations within the last year.

-          Multi-channel choice: Customers expect choice and convenience, both are prerequisites for a superior customer experience. While most prefer the phone, 25% of consumers online want to engage with a company via email.

-          Feedback: To exceed customer expectations, companies need to know what customer expectations are and take appropriate action. For example, 9% of consumers continue to do business with a company because it cares about customer feedback and takes action to improve service based on customer feedback.

Bad customer experiences make people sick
Harris Interactive’s Customer Experience 2007 Report also states that 29% of US consumers  have gotten a headache, felt their chest tighten and/or cried after a negative customer experience. If you want to know more about how you can align your customer experience strategy with actionable listening posts, please contact TeleFaction.

About the Author

Micheal Leander Nielsen

Michael Leander Nielsen, CEO of Fokus Integrated, is a customer lifecycle marketing automation expert  and a marketing innovator. He is also an author and a speaker on subjects such as marketing automation, marketing performance metrics, customer strategies and effective internet marketing strategies. More information about Michael Leander Nielsen:

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With more than 20 years of managerial and operational experience from three continents, Danish born Michael Leander Nielsen is an integrated marketing expert and a marketing innovator. 

Today he spends his time with ambitious companies and organizations, providing consulting services in a range of specialised marketing fields. He is an expert in the fields of integrated marketing, marketing automation and productivity programs, internet marketing, push and pull strategies, lead relationship management strategies, customer experience strategies and strategies for growth and internationalization.

From newspapers to marketing, internet and CRM
Ever since his first "real job" soliciting subscriptions to The Delray and Boynton Beach News Journal door-to-door in sunny Florida, his career has included some 10 years in the marketing/publishing industry, and approximately 10 years in the IT software and IT distribution industry. 

Combining experience from the client side and the consulting/agency side, and having consulted to major-league clients across a variety of industries, Michael is a highly insightful, innovative and productive top-level marketing consultant.

Speaker, educator and mentor
He has spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences, written hundreds of articles, lectured at numerous educational institutions, and is frequently quoted in leading marketing and IT industry publications in several countries.  Moreover, he proudly assists talented entrepreneurs in a capacity as board and/or advisory board member to share his experience in a mentor capacity. Check out his upcoming speaking engagements here 



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